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Biffa Waste Services Company provides waste management services for customers in the public, commercial, and industrial sectors in the United Kingdom and Belgium. It offers waste recycling, handling, and disposal services for industry, commerce, and local government.


backhoe loader

Garbage can be reused by plastic recycling machine or other recycling machine


Waste management: what can we learn from Australia?

In Canberra, living in single-family home or townhouse has at least two trash, trash collection green ordinary garbage, yellow cap green barrel body is recyclable garbage collection. Both bins provided by the city, so every household are the same. The cost of processing this garbage included in the annual management fee charged by the property.

European garbage power plants: opportunities and challenges

Statistics show that each year worldwide to produce nearly 500 million tons garbage, and with countries around the world population growth, industrialization and urbanization, this number is likely to be further enhanced. In some European countries, such as Britain, the local residents for garbage power plant construction in the community support have been low.
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